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Client Specified Training at Skillpower

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​Client Specified Training at Skillpower: Welcome

MidEast Staffing Group has an ultra-modern training center designed to train potential employees according to our clients' unique requirements and requests. MidEast Staffing Group's Skillpower is a training facility where skilled professionals sharpen their skills and learn what is expected of them in their future roles. Our efficient manpower recruitment services have successfully staffed diverse organizations in countries several miles apart. As a premier recruitment agency, we train and prepare professionals who become committed to the future and the continued success of their new employers.

Here is a list of our well-planned services.

  • Open to all communication for overall guidelines.

  • Provide documentation guidelines and attestation procedures from the respective Bangladesh Embassy.

  • Generate market feedback and plan accordingly.

  • Assist and recommend the accommodation.

  • Issue invitation letters as necessary.

  • Advertise to mobilize candidates as necessary.

  • Initiate a database of candidates.

  • Organize interview sessions.

  • Arrange the tools and materials necessary to conduct skill tests.

  • Put together individual files with credentials (if any) to present.

  • Present passports of candidates for necessary inspections.

  • Video entire interview session for post-interview review.

  • Arrange post-selection group briefing by interviewers.

  • Facilitate adjustment – a readjustment of arrangements as directed by the interview team.

  • Expedite post selection formalities to have candidates ready for deployment as per guidelines.

​Client Specified Training at Skillpower: Services
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