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Employee Guidance and Compliance

Employee Guidance Services: Welcome

We are a dynamic recruitment agency committed to human resource excellence and manpower development. Working abroad requires specific immigration and statutory documents. We make sure the right candidates get all that is required. We care about the impact of the required paperwork and regulatory procedure on the safety of our candidates. To ensure optimal results we leave no stone unturned.

Here is a list of some of the main items on our candidate checklist:

  • Obtain required permission from appropriate government authorities

  • Collect the photos, passport and other necessary documents

  • Guide toward registration with the government and submit fingerprint

  • Medical test for candidates and collect medical fitness cards

  • Police Clearance where applicable

  • Gather birth, nationality, and educational certificates as applicable

  • Online visa application if necessary

  • Apply for stamping visas and collect visas from the respective embassy as required

  • Guide toward mandatory government training sessions and collect training certificates

  • Submit and collect immigration clearance and smart card

  • Review all necessary documents including an employment contract.

Employee Guidance Services: Services
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